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On behalf of all the members of the Illinois SAR, welcome!  We are glad you found our home on the web.  

Perhaps you found our site because you are interested in American history.  We are too.  Each of our members are direct descendants of those patriots that achieved the independence of the American people. Our Society's objectives are patriotic, historical and educational.  Throughout Illinois, in big cities and in
small towns, our members are working to promote patriotism and preserve the ideals of freedom.  Whether you are already a member of the SAR or someone interested in becoming a member, you will find the Illinois SAR is a great organization for you to express your enthusiasm for patriotism and freedom, and to promote the ideals of our founding fathers.  Our programs are many and varied. 
  • Cemetery Marking Program
  • Scholarship/recognition programs/contests for high school and elementary school students, ROTC and JROTC cadets, and Eagle Scouts. 
  • Participation in patriotic programs, parades, and classroom presentations.
  • Visits to Veterans Homes.
  • Recognition of  public safety officials.
  • Volunteer work with Veterans.
  • Honor citizens for flying our American Flag. 
Imagine the joy in presenting children their own American flag -- or recognizing the sacrifices and service of our state's first responders -- or honoring
outstanding American History teachers -- or celebrating the accomplishments of our state's outstanding youth  -- or commemorating the life of a Revolutionary patriot buried in Illinois.  This is what the Illinois SAR does throughout the state and throughout the year.   Click here to go to our Gallery.

Frequently we are asked for recommendations for people presenting patriotic programs. Here are some speakers we have enjoyed:
*Todd Andrlik
*Gillum Ferguson, 630-470-7692
*Mark Johnson
*Brian Fox Ellis
*Leslie Goddard
*Terry Lynch
*Dr. Ralph Keen
*Dr. Allan Campbell
*Dale K. Phillips
*Larry Cornwell
*Barbara Kay

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We hope that you will want to join us. For membership information, please contact our Registrar.  

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